Chad Williams

Dad. Fitness. Business.

Hi, I'm Chad Williams and this site is a dip into my world and what I'm up to.

I am passionate about fitness, health, business, and helping others. For these reasons I've pursued fitness for over 25 years personally and have been a professional fitness coach for over 15.

My current projects are Inspiyr Fitness and Fitness Finder.

Inspiyr Fitness is an online platform for delivering many levels of tools for people to improve their health. I have developed and am developing free ebooks, courses, group programs, personalized programming, and a lifestyle mentoring service which all help people at different levels of health and experience.

Fitness Finder is an app which I intend to replace personal trainers and personal programming at some point. The concept is simple: if you're not sure of an exercise to train a certain part of your body, use fitness finder to find one. From there, you'll be able to take it further and develop actual training plans target for specific goals. This is a passion project and I'm very excited for it's development!

Feel free to follow me on social media or learn a bit about my businesses below.

Inspiyr Fitness

Inspiyr Fitness is an online fitness platform aimed at helping people find a digital/online solution depending on their needs. Too many people sign up for a gym, trainer, classes, mobile app, etc. based on the belief that THIS will be the thing that gets results.

However, success only comes when you are able to put in enough effort for a long enough period of time. Most people ultimately fail to see success because service does not match their personal level of experience and self motivation and the don't last. It's time to be smarter and find the right fit for you to be successful.

"Inspiyr" is not a typo of inspire, it stands for: It Never Stops, Put In Your Reps. There is no magic pill and it won't happen over night. You gotta put in the work, so find the right fit so you can do what's needed.


FitMix25 is a group fitness franchise I built in Guadalajara, Mexico and hope to one day bring to Canada. It is based on group classes 25 minutes in length. Each day we alternate the general focus of the classes between Cardio and Toning. Each half hour we alternate the focus the classes based on areas of the body: Up, Abs, Low, Total.

This combination of 8 different styles of classes gives the system a ton of variety and ability to focus on all areas of the body. Our main focus is #MakeEveryMinuteCount because with only 25 mins, you don't have time to mess around. Consistency is step #1 and when you have that, 25 mins a day of focused effort is all you need!


Sport Code XIX, or "Code 19" for short, is a new mobile app (in development) for working with athletes to develop a strong foundation in their body for application their sport.

Working with athletes for years, the biggest problem I've seen is that they are so focused on sport performance that the majority of their training is spent on sport specific skill rather than true fitness development. This means they focus more on the outcome of their performance, vs the ability of their body to perform in the first place. My simple analogy is that they are trying to design the penthouse condo of a beautiful high-rise without first taking the time to build the proper foundation. And we all know that outcome... Injuries and rehab.

Our app will focus on 2-way communication, using digital technology to connect coach and athlete for video analysis of skill and function. We start off with building/repairing the foundation of their bodies and joints to ensure maximal performance in their sport.

Technicallly this is not limited to athletes, as many of us have injured ourselves through exercise or sport. Code 19 is for anyone who wants a strong foundation to "perform" in life, for the rest of their life.

We are currently running an Alpha testing program. Click the link below if interested.

Professional Health Performance

Professional Health Performance (PHP) is a 1-on-1 coaching service for professionals focused on Lifestyle Analysis and Optimization.

You hire a business coach to dig into all aspects of your business to find the problems, develop solutions and fully optimize the output potential of your business. Now think of that for your health!

As a successful professional, you are an expert at prioritizing work tasks for maximizing your ROI and business performance. However, that usually comes at the expense or your own personal health. This doesn't have to be the case, and in fact, a healthier you is the most valuable asset of your business and ultimately it's success.

PHP is a service where I do a complete analysis of your health lifestyle, provide solutions that fit YOUR life and priorities, and optimize your personal health to: have better energy, increased productivity, improved mental focus, reduced stress, and better decision making.

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